Friday, May 20, 2011

Healing Properties of Breastmilk

So the past week has been a rough one....Ian, myself and the boys have all been sick :( Yucky noses, sore throats, goopy eyes and the whole nine yards. Thankfully we all were able to avoid fevers and slept quite well at night!

So this leads to me ask.....have you ever read about the healing properties of breastmilk? God truly made it a "perfect" food for our little ones, but not only that, it can actually cure many different things! Breastmilk contains so many antibodies that help fight off infection. When applied topically, it can fight off viruses and bacteria. Statistics show that a breastfed infant will have a lower chance of cancer & heart disease later in life. The list goes on and on.....

Well this past week our little men have had red, watery, goopy eyes, not only during the day, but at night too. I am currently nursing our 3 month old and decided I would put drops of breastmilk in their eyes. I actually felt quite silly as it didn't dawn on me sooner, they went a whole day with no treatment! I did this to both boys, a few times and within 10 hours they looked about 75% better. We have continued to do this throughout the week and they are almost 100% better.
So thankful to be able to use natural remedies at home! Are you a nursing mommy? Maybe the next time your little one is in need, your breastmilk will be at their aid!

Jett Ukiah at 5 days old


  1. WOW!!! I am due on August 3 and plan to breastfeed. This is my second child, my first who is 13 y/o was breastfed but for just a month or two, which I now regret. Either way things with this little one will be done differently. I look forward to the bonding that will take place with her, along with the nutritional benefits for not only her, but me. I had no idea it could be used topically...I am very impressed. Please keep the posts coming especially on the health benefits of breastfeeding/milk.

  2. I love that you posted about this! I have done the same thing when my twins eyes looked like they were a bit goopy from their colds. Have to say the whole process felt a bit silly (expressing into a little cup, using a medicine dropper, trying to explain to toddlers what I was doing), but I would do anything for my little people. :)